we are songwriters and producers creating music
for ads, tv, film, games, brand development
and all multi-media content

all tracks are ONE STOP

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Slipnote creates and produces multi-genre music for Ads, Film, TV, Games, Brand Development and all multi-media content 


Jen Zias and Kari Nelson are professional vocalists from Chicago. 

Kari almost always wears black and used to front a heavy metal band. She dreamed of being Maria Callas as a young girl
and wrote pretty melodies on her flute. Jen wears jewel tones, loves musical theater and everything Christmas. 
She preferred horror films as a young girl and wrote haunting songs about fairies on her ukulele. 

Together they are like a battery, charging the music they create with energy and passion, joy and depth. 
They quietly forged their skills and gifts into a musical partnership during the year of Covid, and launched Slipnote Music in April of 2021. 

Slipnote's highest intention is to serve the SYNC industry with empathy, joy and imagination.